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Keiko isn't as tall as I. There are more clouds today than yesterday.

No one was present. She watched him continue to fight as hard as he could. For years I've been saying that this wouldn't end well. Are you rich? I'm pretty sure Jesse has already gone home.

I waited for an hour and a half. I think I've been overcharged. She is two years senior to you. It was really odd. I knew I was safe there. We're having some equipment problems. I said that it might have rained.

How much did they pay you? He sent his son to an English boarding school. The workers were laid off for three weeks. I didn't punch her. My arm was just moving and her face was in the way. Life is tough for a pilot like Dan. I think I need to see a doctor. That's the true genius of America; that America can change. Our Union can be perfected. What we've already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow. What's your mother's maiden name? I can also run on par with Adil.

It's up to you. My desktop has gotten cluttered. Artificial light is produced by electricity. If I choose the gallows instead of the poison, I'll suffer for a shorter amount of time before dying. Some will be wearing new uniforms next year.

Give her the keys. I tried to make the most of my chances. Frank asked some very good questions. I'm writing this letter to him. Lowell and I are both very happy.

Here's my return ticket. It's only Irving.

There's a special place in hell for people who eat in movie theaters.

Mehrdad told me you and Soohong are planning to get married. The girl brought me a red and white rose.

That should do the trick. That's a shame. She needed the entire afternoon for that job. The bartender set a drink in front of Hy.

I am painting the garage. My parents met on a blind date. I am eager to be present at the party. This is the room he rushed into. Let's get some dinner.

Alastair's next crime will be his last. I'm aware of what is at stake here. When's the funeral? That's the point I'm trying to make. Conrad is arrogant and thinks that he's better than all of his coworkers.

Lila has curly hair.

I was used to the heat. She made me hurry. He tried again and again, but didn't succeed. Boy, that sentence sure caused a kerfuffle.

The plane was late because of bad weather. She asked if I needed a taxi. I buy stationery in bulk. The abbess asked Cathrin if she was completely sure that the monastic life fit her.

Do you want me to try to do that? It happened more than a year ago. I'm studying English. It was impossible for me not to think of incident. Tad didn't attend the forum. She left the room and went outside. He's living a miserable life. I always thought I could work with anyone. I like your garden.

If all professors bore all of their students, then all professors are wasting their time. Jerry is completely alone. In his school days he wasn't as gentle as he is now. Why is Eli still standing outside in the rain? Why do I have to work with her? People greatly differ in their views of life.

I slept nine hours.

That doesn't seem quite so important anymore. Nothing's good enough for me. We had fun that night! Why do you think we're here? Frederick isn't honest at all. Jimmy is a very important person. A heavy snow fell in Kyoto for the first time in ages.